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See the collected work of Suzanne Fernandez



Multimedia expressions which often include found or recycled objects, that include interesting possibilities through invention and experimentation. A collection of pieces that challenges the imaginations of the viewer, by creating new ways to experience familiar objects in fresh ways.



Landscape, garden, home, and cityscapes, are explored with plein air paintings. Where the beauty of creation commands me to capture it before it fades. These selected pieces featured moments of beauty in the world and of special places in the lives of those who commission the work.



Through sittings or working from photos, Suzanne enjoys capturing the setting, the mood, and the spirit that abides in a person's soul. These types of portrayals reveal so much more than a photograph and it's the aim of each piece to capture the subject's essence in a way that is truly unique to them.



Creating paintings for people who are suffering from infirmities and or trauma is an important part of Suzanne's work. In addition to these works, she has created "prayer cards" designed to unite communities together with words and visuals that offer comfort to the infirm or bereaved.



One of the main and driving goals of Suzanne's work is shining a light into the darkness of tragedy and giving a voice to the voiceless. With the purpose of visually creating imagery that raises awareness for those who can not speak for themselves, namely children and the aging. In her most recent series "Orange Cross" she aims to bring awareness to the genocide of the Native Canadian children at the hands of the Catholic Church.

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