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Making a Way

This painting represents Gods faithfulness in his orderly breakthrough way. It is his faithful way he shows us how he makes a way. My Pastor, Michael Austin Harris, invited me to paint at our church service. I was blessed to share how the Holy Spirit works with me. I painted this painting during worship time at my church, Kingdom Life in Guelph Ontario. A great and welcoming community of faith. I love the red sea moments where God commands life to stand still and be parted. It’s more than an inspiring metaphor, it really happened, all the scientific proof confirms it. It's a story of liberation from bondage. This story has endured for more than 3,000 years. Though the arduous research found in historical facts, archeology, and underwater deep-sea excavation the proof is wonderfully presented in this video, I encourage anyone might like to know more or possibly have any doubts to check out the evidence. While I was painting at church, this was the song that was playing that struck my heart, and was my cue to start painting, No Longer Slaves to Fear by Zach Williams .This song is full of encouragement that expresses God’s abundant promises. I stand on God’s word and His faithfulness for my own Red Sea moments, specifically, I am still waiting for my visa to immigrate to the United States to be with my husband who is still waiting alongside me for this great event to happen. It has taken us much longsuffering and patients to endure this big momentous challenge. I can say this waiting has tested us and stretched us beyond our endurance. We have learned much about yielding humbly to the purposes of God. So, each day though we give thanks, but also suffering as his living sacrifices. The Worship songs that are played at our church are so powerful and praiseworthy, I just know each musician and singer puts their whole heart and mind and strength into their gifting, as love offerings. How privileged I have been to be part of this church family that often raises the roof off the church as the high praises of God lift us all into the heav

en. I am transported every time. While No Longer Slaves was being sung and so moved by the Holy Spirit, my paintbrushes took flight and danced across the paper. Every bit of color I splashed on, resounds the glory and majesty of that red sea moments where God almighty’s saving and keeping power comes through. He is our provider Yahweh Yirch, our protector Yahweh Tsuri, and our great way maker, Yahweh El Roi. The many names of God represent the many aspects of his divine nature. We meditate in the deeper moments of prayer and communion with him. We invoke him as we call out his numerous titles. I encourage everyone of us to be an encouragement and blessing to our brothers and sisters in Christ under the banners of these titles. I am so honored and grateful this painting made it into the hands and home of a Godly women, My pastor’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Lorna Brown so thankful for her support and patronage of sowing seeds of faith into this ministry. I feel honored and blessed all in one. It is wonderful to see someone moved by the Spirit to support this gifting of painting. Fellow Christians helping to support and encourages other Christian artists is a blessing that reaps eternal rewards. This encouragement is for the whole the body of Christ. We corporately shine brighter for him in these times when we bless and encourage one another. Let the love of God abound in our hearts as we overflow the love of Christ to the world.

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