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Marvelous Light

Tears can be like seeds that in time return with a promise of being able to love again. Inspired from a garden walk on a friend’s farm I rendered this image thinking of this power of love to be the vital restorative force in our lives. This is my story, a life repurposed in the saving power of Jesus. This presence is represented by the one red flower.

There is a nice contrast of an abstraction with the harder lines, the physical, and the spiritual, that fades into beauty and gentleness. When we inwardly desire more life, love, and joy. The power of Love starts to operate with illumination, restoration, and purpose. We become new creations. (Check out Psalm 16.) Paintings are born out of much labor and It’s my hope that this image reminds you that God’s Love connects into life like a vine with blossoms budding forth in many different areas of your life. Something to give praise for!

Thank you for taking time to explore. There is a promise that says there are mercies laid out for us to discover in each day. I hope enjoying this painting is one of them. This is available in custom sizes in quality giclée prints the original size is 50x14.

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