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On Eagle's Wings

As a Christian artist, I find pleasure in bringing greater illumination to God's faithfulness and declaring his love for us. (Isaiah 40:31) Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall Mount up with wings like eagles, they should run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. In this image you can see the eagle is waiting to mount up. As it sits in perfect stillness, waiting to catch the moment to harness the stormy wind to elevate and float with ease as it flies to higher altitudes. This is very symbolic of our preferred spiritual practice. As we are living in times of civil unrest, wars, pandemics, global warming, and threats of economic collapse. I think more than ever people are seeking deeper meaning and the higher heavenly call that points to our creator Father God. He has made every provision for us to return our hearts back to him. The aim of my artwork is to awaken this heavenly sensitivity. God has good plans for us all.

This artwork is an example of workshop/retreat art that can be constructed in any size frame and can be made into lightboxes. The fun aspect of this project is that it has a daytime expression and a nighttime transformation that is brought alive through light. I used various papers and images that can be taken from personal photos or magazines.

It is wonderful to share and inspire people. These projects can be thought of as “Windows to Heaven.” The greatest compliment I could have is finding people who are longing and looking for more fulfillment and are willing to engage in a creative process that dives us deeper into the word of God. Groups can be taught in person or online. It is my aim to ignite creativity and move in our prophetic art gifting. The cost of commissioning a work like this is $575.00 and is available as a print as well. Prints can be used as fundraisers to help church programs. Thank you for your support.

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