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The Coming Glory

For me, this painting carries an anointing from Heaven, and this heavenly call is an invitation from the heart of the Father. His gentle small still voice is speaking in a whisper, that is gently saying come my darling one, my beautiful one, forsake not thy confidence that has great reward, fear not my little one I will redeem you; I have called you by name. In this secret place of comfort and peace, God is callings us to fall deeper in love, where His love surrounds us like a song. There is a sense that by the Holy Spirit’s loving presence we are being drawn into this beautiful garden painting. There is an invisible gentil knowing that this is the way walk, come in it all you who are heavily burdened, come and drink of these waters that I give that you may thirst no more. He is standing at the doors of our hearts. Let us invite him to love us today. This invitation to embrace His finest is demonstrated in the Son of God, Yeshua, Christ, the Messiah. He so earnestly desires for us to come closer and hopefully more experience an ever-deepening agape love each day. So, he patiently waits for us. He never forces His love; may it, like the light in this painting, that radiates in and around us every day. Our conscience, our innate inner knowing of him, is like an ancient love song that seems so familiar, all the while, resonating with our spirits like an ancient love song we are attuned to his spirit locked into his frequency his fragrance has drawn us. We awaken like a fresh Spring morning as if arising from our sleep. Like the title of this art, The Coming Glory, there is an excitement, an anticipation of the King’s return and the promise we expect to come true as we wait for, his spirit to be poured out on all flesh. The greatest move of His glory and love that will love us beyond the beyond. The delusion from our cursed beginnings is broken, because of Christ, we have awakened to the full light of this Glory. Having come to our senses we have awakened and now know who we truly are and who we are designed to be. That we were created to love him and know him in fullness. He waits longing for us, hoping with yearning in continual intercessory prayer. Believing his blessing will return our hearts back to Him. It is this tension we feel when we gaze into the Coming Glory. The perfect place, where Heaven and Earth long to meet and be on earth as it is in Heaven. Just as a lover that longs to be kissed with intimacy. His warm breath breaths upon the garden of our hearts. My vision for this painting is a prophetic fullness of time. It is represented by blending the seasons just like blended wine I have combined Spring and Fall to show full bloom and the glory of Autumn’s golden leaves living alongside Spring’s new growth. Their aromatic perfume is the sweetest and rarest, so costly, like no other that comes only from the prayers of Jesus. Just like the beautiful honeysuckle and cherry blossom and lilies that fill this Eden like garden. This perfume not only acknowledged him, but it’s scent imprints itself on us. I have stretched mine and the viewers imagination like a tent curtain of this temporal life widely beyond the borders of our earthly realism, because for the many who know him, we still yearn for more, because there is always more, there is an ever-endless supply of his love that never runs out. I like to believe we are ready as your bride to be carried across the threshold, we yearn and long for you, so bring down your Glory and Spirit as a beautiful sign and wonder for this time we are now in. For, I declare, now is the set time and I am calling it into being we are one with our beloved in the garden of His love, His coming Glory has come. May all of us rejoice, as we trade in our earthly rags for our priestly garments an embrace the splendorous life as kings of an eternal kingdom. He desires that none, not one, should be lost, we are to rule and reign with Him forever. The Coming Glory ever reminds us that Gods promises are true, and that He is faithful to His word. His promise to fulfill his word in our lives is our living hope and confidence that we wait for, because we know it to be true. There is a gentle wind in this painting that carries the whisper of the Fathers heart, where He is desiring for us to come into a closer union and encounter with His love. Jesus is returning and there is a tension of waiting that we see, that is resembled with the robin waiting in the tree. Faithfully and expectantly, she is waiting for the coming return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Maranatha, which means, come Lord Jesus. We are told to watch and wait for no one knows the exact time of his return, so as we long for His return, we are told to occupy before He comes, to be about his business before His return, be ready, so this day does not come upon you like a thief. I love the image of the robin pulling up the worm from the deep darkness in the earth. This is the position we should all be in. Caring about and saving the lost. There is nowhere too dark where people who are lost in their sins that the love can't be found by the saving power of Jesus Christ, whom we are told to step out in Jesus' name to be fisher of men.The other male blue bird who much like Christ is waiting for his purified bride in her white garments to be ready. This takes us into a realm where we long and want to be, always desiring to be near and one with him. The bird bath is a place of refreshing a place of living waters, where we can drink and drink the endless supply and never thirst again. The butterflies in the painting represent the transformation we must all go through as we find our new life in Him and live out our overcoming life in fullness and gentleness of the Spirit. Christ completes the good work in us, we are His workmanship, his poetic love letter to the world. Each one of us carries a unique expression of his love. We must learn to get along; we only then can we truly experience peace on earth. We are harmoniously joined like the bride and the groom, a heavenly marriage, where we truly come into the fullness of his love. Like the Holy Spirit that descended, dove-like, on Jesus, may his Glory fill the earth and fill us all in all.

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